Fall protection

Montron Installs Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems

Fall protection refers to methods used to prevent falls during work at heights, such as construction, cleaning, or maintenance of buildings. Depending on the type of structure (gable roof, pitched roof, flat roof, etc.), safety measures like ropes, guardrails, fall protection systems, and/or anchor points may be used. A fall arrest system is a type of fall protection system that utilizes a rope attached to an anchor point to secure the worker. These systems are particularly useful for work on uneven or difficult-to-access surfaces where other forms of fall protection may not be practical.

Montron specializes in the installation of fall protection systems on roofs. Our specially trained locksmiths professionally and securely install all safety systems for those who will be working at great heights on roofs. Our installation personnel have years of experience in this specialized area of locksmithing. We are familiar with regulations and ensure compliance for our clients.


Annual servicing and inspection of fall protection systems

In addition to installation, we also provide servicing and annual inspections of fall protection systems. These systems require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure they are in proper working condition. Our experienced locksmiths are happy to perform these tasks.

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Installing for Innotech for over 10 years

We are directly commissioned by the manufacturers of roof fall protection systems, allowing end customers to receive a complete hardware and installation service. For clients such as Teufelberger Seil GesmbH or Innotech Arbeitsschutz GmbH, we have been installing fall arrest systems, guardrails, fall protection, and other fall protection systems for over 10 years, including on buildings, in businesses, and in industrial halls.

We also support other locksmith companies that may not meet the requirements for fall protection installation themselves or need assistance to manage their workload.

During our work, we maintain neutrality in terms of company representation. Our work attire and vehicles do not display any company logos.

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