Facade greening

Facade greening

How can a facade be greened as quickly as possible? Horizontal greenings with climbing structures usually take six to eight years, depending on the plant’s growth height. In densely built cities, there is also the limitation of soil for planting due to pipes or sealing. When retrofitting greenery to existing facades, building physics requirements and applicable fire protection regulations must be considered. Overall, the greening should be implemented in a way that minimizes the effort for irrigation, nutrient supply, and maintenance.

The solution for this is a wire rope construction on which the plant pots can be suspended and supplied with water at the same time.

facade greening on the house

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  • Variable height of the plants
  • No complex attachment to the building required. Only 2 attachment points are needed per rope.
  • Closed irrigation system, excess water drains off and flows back into the reservoir tank.
  • The greening is already present at the full height from the first day. Vertical greenings with building heights of at least 30 meters are possible.
facade greening on the house

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