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In a world where energy supply plays a crucial role, refineries are at the heart of the production of fuels, lubricants and petrochemicals. We understand the complexity and diverse requirements of this industry.

Both turnaround and maintenance are about operating the systems in a refinery safely and efficiently, extending the service life of the systems and ensuring that they comply with the applicable environmental and safety standards. These activities are crucial for maintaining the operation of a refinery and other industrial plants over a longer period of time.

Refinery maintenance by experts
Refinery service in Austria
Employees wearing safety attire at the refinery
Refinery maintenance in Austria during winter

Continuously trained technicians

Project engineers for planning and logistics

Days a year since 1994

neutral assembly vehicles

Refinery service areas

Our many years of experience in refinery service are characterized by flawless planning and trained specialist personnel. Over the last 25 years, we have successfully carried out a number of refinery service tasks and can therefore provide advice even in the most difficult situations. Our safety certifications mean that we place the highest value on quality.

Success through experience and expertise

Thanks to our versatility, we are able to successfully carry out turnarounds and maintenance in a wide range of systems and industries. Our experience, expertise and commitment to quality and safety make us a trusted partner for customers worldwide.

Our expertise in refinery services

1. cross-industry experience

Extensive experience in various industries, including petrochemical plants, power plants, oil and gas production, pharmaceuticals and more.
Our almost 80 dedicated employees work in this business area and have so far worked over 550,000 hours for petrochemical companies.

2. highly qualified team

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists who have the knowledge and skills to professionally carry out turnarounds and maintenance in various systems.

3. security priority

Safety is a top priority at Montron. We enforce strict safety standards and procedures to ensure that all work is carried out safely and accident-free. Ongoing training for our employees ensures that safety standards are practiced efficiently.

4. flexibility and adaptability

We tailor our services to the specific requirements of each customer, regardless of the industry and type of system.

5. efficiency and punctuality

Montron is known for its ability to complete projects efficiently and on time. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime for our customers.

6. transparent communication

We always keep our customers up to date and offer transparent communication about the progress of their projects.

7. cost optimization

Thanks to our efficient working methods and our expertise in the refinery service industry, we can help to reduce operating costs and extend the service life of plants.

8. all-round approach

We offer complete solutions that can include both turnarounds and ongoing maintenance, depending on our customers’ requirements.

Quality and safety are ingrained in us

We support you with experienced technicians who are trained in both technical and safety aspects. Our multilingual employees can provide you with the best possible international support – from supervisors, foremen, refinery fitters and pipeline constructors to safety specialists and manhole guards, we have the right personnel for you.

The most common applications in refinery service
  • Column work – indoor and outdoor
  • Fittings service and logistics
  • Heat exchanger work
  • Work on and in reactors and vessels
  • Work under respiratory protection
  • Bundle pulling
  • Removal and installation of individual parts, seals, filters
  • Installation and removal of gasketed blinds
  • Parts transport
  • Shutdown coordination
  • Shutdown planning
Our places of operation
Bayernoil Neustadt, OMV Burghausen, OMV Schwechat, Gunvor Ingolstadt, BP Gelsenkirchen, Total Leuna, BP Lingen, Exxon Rotterdam, Raffinerie Heide, BP Scholven (Gelsenkirchen), Brunsbüttl, MIRO Karlsruhe, GUNVOR Antwerpen, NESTE Finnland, Großenkneten, SHELL Godorf, GUNVOR Ingolstadt, Moerdjik, SHELL Hamburg, OMV Bayernoil, Hamburg Holborn, Southampton, PCK Schwedt, Neste Rotterdam, Statoil Kalundborg, Raffinerie Heide, BASF Ludwigshafen, Borealis Linz

Our specialist staff at a glance

  • Safety specialists
  • Coordinators
  • Turnaround planner
  • Supervisor / Foreman
  • Foremen / Senior fitters
  • Bundle puller
  • Pipefitters
  • Machine locksmiths
  • Magaziner

Our Daily Tasks

  • Turnaround planning
  • Work preparation
  • Coordination services
  • Column work (indoor and outdoor)
  • Fittings service and logistics
  • Work on heat exchangers
  • Work on and in reactors and vessels
  • Work under respiratory protection
  • Removal and installation of individual parts, seals, and filters
  • Installation and removal of gasketed blinds
  • Carrying out pressure tests, etc.

We assemble and service

  • with continuously trained specialist fitters
  • with project engineers for planning and logistics
  • 365 days a year since 1994
  • in clean, neutral work attire
  • with neutral workshop assembly trucks (including lifting platform and crane truck)
  • according to TÜV guidelines SCC** and SCP