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Machine relocation is a complex project that requires expertise, heavy equipment, and suitable transportation. Particularly important here is the safe transport of machines, if you have purchased a new plant or want to sell an older machine.

In both cases, thorough preparation is necessary to ensure a secure and uncomplicated transport and to ensure cost-effective and safe storage and movement of individual components. Detailed planning is essential. Particularly considering potential difficulties during transportation.

For this reason, we want to support you in moving sensitive machines and systems with structure and minimizing risks throughout the entire implementation. As your partner in machine transport and associated machine assembly, we assist you in developing the right solution strategies for each type of transport.

Montron GmbH also offers complete project coordination with the required trades. Thanks to our reliable partners in packaging and project logistics, we can ensure an efficient project workflow under our coordination.


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Since 1994, Montron has been a reliable assembly partner for companies.

Top-level machine relocation, plant relocation, and maintenance support. Your assembly professional – all from one source

A professional relocation by Montron GmbH brings numerous advantages.

Our highly trained and experienced staff ensures a short relocation time and reduced production downtime. We take care of machine transport, which, if necessary, can be organized and carried out as a special or heavy transport. We also handle the planning, no matter how complex it may be.

At the destination, we carry out the proper machine installation and assembly according to your layout plan in an orderly and precise manner. By combining machine dismantling, machine transport, and machine assembly in one package, you save valuable time and money.

Our experienced staff is already familiar with most machine and system configurations, eliminating the need for them to familiarize themselves with the assembly process. Additionally, our professionals can anticipate potential challenges in advance, allowing them to be considered in the relocation planning. This eliminates coordination time between multiple companies and waiting time for external technicians.

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The flow of the entire machine relocation process.

To make machine transport as smooth as possible, we follow a fixed pattern. Machine dismantling is the first step, followed by transportation. Once we have taken care of the proper dismantling with documentation, we ensure the transport of the machines according to the established schedule. We provide the appropriate equipment for machine relocation and stand by as a reliable expert.

Subsequently, we enable the appropriate mode of transportation, ensuring a well-thought-out and structured machine relocation. Once the machines have arrived at the new location, we take care of the reassembly and setup of the machines, so you don’t have to wait long to fully utilize them. From the beginning, we utilize the established project workflow planning and offer you a thoughtful approach.

Challenges in machine transport

  • Enormous weight
  • Difficult technical assessment for laypersons
  • Highly sensitive technical machines
  • Full safety for personnel and machines
  • Minimizing downtime
  • Coordinating extensive transportation processes involving multiple partners
  • Extensive experience in LEAN management is necessary.
  • Creating a realistic cost plan
  • Suitable equipment
  • Responsiveness

The right prerequisites for every type of transport

It is not always sufficient to rely on conventional freight transport for transport tasks. For cargo that is characterized by a particularly high weight or is too large for traditional transport, additional transport methods are crucial.
The following four forms of transport are applicable in this context:

Oversized transports

Opting for an oversized transport allows for the transport of bulky machines without restrictions. However, the weight limit of this option is significantly limited, so you should check in advance if it is suitable for your machine relocation.

Heavy transports
Heavy transport is the counterpart to special transports on a large scale. It enables transport of products with significant weight but not with bulky dimensions. However, for some machines, this combination is precisely the right approach.
Oversized and heavy transports
In general, both options can be combined. This allows for the smooth delivery of highly complex machines to ensure uninterrupted daily operations. With structured planning, this is usually not a logistical problem.
Long-haul transports
When it comes to freight transports with a length of more than 20 meters, it is considered a long-haul transport from a logistical perspective. With specialized vehicles and a well-thought-out approach, the implementation of such projects can be successful.

Our services at a glance

  • Project scope assessment
  • Cost estimation
  • Project workflow planning
  • Proper dismantling with documentation
  • Machine transport
  • Placement at the new location
  • Reassembly and setup of the machines
  • Commissioning with functional testing

Our machine transport checklist

To ensure a successful machine relocation, several steps and considerations need to be taken into account. With our checklist, you have the opportunity to refer to the correct sequence at any time and make the machine transport a successful process.

Your expert for a comprehensive and secure implementation

If you want to benefit from high-quality and structured machine relocation services, we are your reliable partner. We accompany you at every step of the process and enable a competent implementation. We pay close attention to the factors that need to be considered during the implementation and ensure a well-planned project execution. We always adjust to the established cost plan and enable a structured approach.

Feel free to reach out to us and benefit from a professional solution for your entire machine transport. Whether you want to relocate your production or machine systems nationally or internationally, Montron GmbH has long-standing partners in packaging and project logistics to ensure a smooth workflow for your project.



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