Machine installation

The field of machine installation requires certain know-how.

The monitoring and quality control of machine installation are crucial aspects of project management practices to ensure that all necessary work is performed correctly and meets the project’s requirements and specifications. In addition to this expertise, machine installation requires specialized equipment. At Montron, we have this equipment.

Machine Installation – Crane

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Maritime Cranes

Montron, along with its partners, provides a comprehensive range of port handling equipment, ship cranes, offshore cranes, digital solutions, and technical consulting. With a versatile product range, we can offer optimal crane products for the worldwide handling of cargo and containers in international port logistics.

Loading Cranes

Loading cranes cover a range of capacities from 10 tons to 150 tons. This extensive product offering provides our customers with the opportunity to choose from the following loading crane configurations:

  • 2 to 4-axle tractor units
    with front crane assembly
  • 2 to 4-axle flatbed vehicles
    with rear crane assembly

Rough Terrain Cranes

Wherever loads need to be lifted, rough terrain cranes are the safest choice for the task. LRT cranes offer the highest level of standard safety features on a rough terrain crane, helping your company grow while improving workplace safety.

Construction Cranes

To this day, LTF cranes remain an economical alternative when the crane is primarily used as a taxi crane, meaning short lifts and a higher number of trips.
By using standard truck chassis, the LTF series mobile cranes are particularly suitable for road operation. We offer crane assembly for all common truck chassis.


With our long-standing partners, we are always ready to fulfill any order. Often, our many experts need to provide creative solutions to meet customer demands. The success and our approach to handling international projects to the best of our ability validate our actions.

Our highly trained and experienced staff ensures a short relocation time and reduced production downtime. We take care of machine transport, which, if necessary, can be organized and carried out as a special or heavy transport. At the destination, we perform machine installation and assembly according to your layout plan properly and precisely. By combining machine dismantling, machine transport, and machine assembly in one package, you save valuable time and money. Our experienced staff is already familiar with most machine and system configurations, eliminating the need for them to familiarize themselves with the assembly process. This eliminates coordination time between multiple companies and waiting time for external technicians.

Our services at a glance

  • Project scope assessment
  • Cost estimation
  • Project workflow planning
  • Professional installation with documentation
  • Machine transport
  • Placement at the new location
  • Reassembly and setup of the machines
  • Commissioning with functional testing

Benefits of Machine Installation

  • Rapid response to project changes
  • Quicker project completion
  • Access to specialized skills and resources
  • Risk reduction

Installations according to SCC** and SCP safety guidelines

HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environment) is an important part of our company philosophy. The goal of our health, safety, and environmental management is to continually reduce risks. Appropriate rules and careful documentation ensure the highest level of safety for people, facilities, and the environment. Our TÜV certifications are part of our HSSE strategy. Ensuring the quality and safety of our installations for you and your customers.

28 years of experience & innovation

Our expertise and experience can help you achieve your ambitious goals. Contact our experts today to learn more about our solutions for installation work.

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