Company Relocation

The relocation of electrical and mechanical systems is a complex process that requires thorough planning, precise coordination and accurate execution. This type of relocation project involves both electrical and mechanical components, which are often closely linked and have specific handling and transportation requirements.

Carrying out the move requires precision and expertise to ensure that the equipment is properly uninstalled, transported and reinstalled in its new location. This may also include compliance with safety regulations and standards to prevent accidents or damage.

Overall, the relocation of electrical and mechanical systems requires a holistic approach that combines technical expertise, planning skills and effective collaboration between all parties involved to ensure a successful and safe transfer.


Industrial installation by skilled technicians
Thorough Planning
Expert Team
Appropriate Packaging
Efficient Logistics
Quality Control

Steps for a successful company relocation:

Preparation and Planning

  • Conduct a comprehensive inventory of assets.
  • Develop a detailed relocation plan that includes timelines, resources, and responsibilities.

Expert Team

  • Assemble a team of professionals, including electricians, mechanics, and logistics experts.
  • Ensure that the team has the necessary expertise and experience in dismantling and installing such systems.


  • Carefully disassemble equipment, labeling and documenting all components.
  • Ensuring electrical connections are properly fused and disconnected.


  • Use appropriate packaging materials to protect sensitive components from damage.
  • Label and carefully package plant components for easy reassembly.


  • Ensure efficient logistics planning to ensure safe transportation of equipment.
  • Coordinate with transportation companies for suitable vehicles and equipment.


  • Reassemble the equipment at the new site according to previous markings and documentation.
  • Ensuring all electrical connections and mechanical components are properly assembled.

Quality Control

  • Conduct thorough inspection of rebuilt equipment to ensure it functions properly.
  • Making adjustments and fine-tuning as necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Installations according to SCC** and SCP safety guidelines

HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environment) is an important part of our company philosophy. The goal of our health, safety, and environmental management is to continually reduce risks. Appropriate rules and careful documentation ensure the highest level of safety for people, facilities, and the environment. Our TÜV certifications are part of our HSSE strategy. Providing assurance of the quality of our assembly and ensuring peace of mind for both you and your customers.

The unrestricted SCC** (Safety Certificate Contractors)
Certification (for companies with more than 35 employees) ensures occupational safety, health and environmental protection.
The SCP (Safety Certificate Personnel Service Providers)
certification guarantees that Montron’s personnel are selected in a reliable and safety-oriented manner and are appropriately qualified.

Why Montron GmbH Is the Ideal Partner:

  • Extensive experience: Montron GmbH has extensive experience in the dismantling, relocation and assembly of electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Expert Team: Our teams consist of qualified professionals competent in both electrical and mechanical fields
  • Planning and Coordination: We are experts in the comprehensive planning and coordination of corporate relocations, ensuring a smooth process.
  • Packing and Logistics: We use high-quality packing materials and work with reliable logistics partners to ensure safe transportation.
  • Quality Control: Our stringent quality control ensures that equipment functions properly after the move.
  • Holistic Solutions: As an experienced provider of electrical and mechanical solutions, we offer not only relocation but also installation, maintenance, and support from a single source


Overall, Montron GmbH is the ideal partner for corporate relocation of electrical and mechanical equipment due to our extensive expertise, experienced teams, and holistic solutions. We guarantee a smooth relocation and a successful restart at the new location.

David Messner

Head of International Industrial Assembly & Project Logistics

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