Project logistics

Load, transport, unload, project completed.

This is often the perception of the logistics industry. But rarely is it a simple transport from A to B.

Here, it is much more a matter of finding customized solutions. Especially in the international area, different solutions have to be combined.

We are also happy to take on the planning and implementation of extensive projects for you in all industries. In addition to our own project logistics resources, we have access to a globally organized network of qualified logistics specialists. This is why we are able to carry out exceptionally demanding large-scale projects across national borders.

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Planning is the key!

If a major project is to be executed without disruption, then it must be planned well in advance of a project’s start.

That is why we will talk to you in detail about all the requirements of the implementation of your project. This makes it possible to set up the interfaces required for trouble-free execution of your order.

With our extensive experience, we know what matters. High quality standards, accurate and timely work as well as the tact for your individual project.

Your successful project

Project logistics comprises the planning, organization, control and monitoring of logistics activities within the scope of a project.
It is important to consider several factors to ensure a successful project.

Some important aspects of project logistics

1. time management

Meeting deadlines and schedules is critical to the success of a project. It is important that project logistics are organized so that all logistical activities are completed on time to avoid delaying the project schedule.

2. risk management

Project logistics should be designed to identify and minimize risks. Careful risk management can help avoid problems and delays that could jeopardize the project.

3. communication

Clear and effective communication is important to ensure that everyone involved in the project is aware of the progress of logistics activities and to be able to respond quickly to problems.

4. quality management

The quality of logistics activities can have a major impact on the success of the project. It is important that project logistics are organized in such a way that the quality of the work and services performed meets the requirements of the project.

5. cost management

Project logistics should be organized to keep the cost of the project within budget. It is important to keep an eye on the costs of logistics activities and to minimize them if possible.

6. resource management

Project logistics should ensure that needed resources such as personnel, materials, equipment, and transportation are deployed in a timely and effective manner to ensure project success.

7. sustainability

Project logistics should be organized to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is important to minimize the impact of logistics activities on the environment and consider the sustainability of the project.

Our services at a glance

Project logistics

We support you in the organization of pre- and on-carriage, deadline monitoring, efficient process control up to the port of shipment, storage and packaging as well as customs handling.

FOB Transports

In cooperation with our long-term partners, FOB transports are carried out professionally and reliably at competitive prices.


Depending on the needs of the plant manufacturer, we create outsourcing concepts and implement them successfully.

Domestic transport - Europe-wide

Inland transportation is often a significant cost factor in the manufacturing process. Together with qualified partners, we offer efficient solutions for this.

Container stowage

In case of transport by container, we also offer stowage of containers directly after packing. Smoothly, without loss of time and without additional storage or transport costs.

Colli storage

Storage of packed and unpacked packages

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Get the best solutions based on your requirements. Minimize and control risks! Through access to best practices and our technical support, around the clock. Rely on a network with presence around the globe, supported by dedicated experts and the most advanced technologies. Our work attire and vehicles are neutral. Upon request, we can therefore act on your behalf. Take advantage of our expertise in the areas of planning and implementation.


We operate 365 days a year, since 1994.

Installations according to SCC** and SCP safety guidelines

HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environment) is an important part of our company philosophy. The goal of our health, safety, and environmental management is to continually reduce risks. Appropriate rules and careful documentation ensure the highest level of safety for people, facilities, and the environment. Our TÜV certifications are part of our HSSE strategy. Ensuring the quality and safety of our installations for you and your customers.

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Our expertise and experience can help you achieve your ambitious goals. Contact our experts today to learn more about our project logistics solutions.

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