Project Coordination / Site Management

We offer complete project coordination with all the necessary trades. Thanks to our reliable partners in packaging and project logistics, we guarantee an efficient project process under our coordination.

Projects do not arise spontaneously, but require careful project development. This process includes all measures required for the implementation of a project. The project developer’s task begins with the formulation of the desired concept, including research, decisions and plans.

Industrial installation by skilled technicians

Cooperation with international experts

Customized efficient solutions

We think outside the box for you

We coordinate the project steps for you

Complete project management – Industrial relocation

Industrial Assembly Nationwide and Internationally

Together with our partners, we not only offer installation services, but also take care of the entire project management. From inspection to dismantling and packing, project logistics and reassembly, we offer our customers an integrated solution. Thanks to the international network of our project managers, we also ensure efficient handling of international projects.


We coordinate dismantling, packaging, project logistics, crane operations, and installation for you.

All from a single source

Thanks to our international partners in packaging and project logistics, we are able to offer our customers everything from a single source.
From dismantling, packaging and the use of lifting equipment to transportation (land, sea and air), assembly and final handover to the customer.

Our all-round project coordination helps to make projects more effective and successful.

Our roadmap for successful project coordination

Efficient project coordination and site management are critical to the successful completion of construction projects, especially in the renewable energy industry. Here are some reasons why these tasks are important:

1. Effective Communication

Coordinated communication among all project participants – including clients, contractors and authorities – minimizes misunderstandings and reduces risks.

2. resource optimization

Project coordination involves the efficient management of resources such as time, money, labor and materials. Coordinating resources of labor, materials and equipment promotes time and cost efficiency.

3. Project Planning and Control

The project coordinator draws up a detailed plan and monitors the implementation to ensure that the project remains within the specified budget and schedule. He ensures that all milestones and targets are achieved.

4. Risk Management

Project coordination also includes the identification of potential risks and the implementation of measures to minimize or avoid them. The project coordinator thus helps to protect the project from unexpected challenges.

5. Enhanced Collaboration

Effective project coordination supports improved teamwork by ensuring that every employee knows their role and responsibilities. Clear communication enables the team to work smoothly and efficiently.

6. Successful Project Completion

Effective project coordination contributes significantly to the successful completion of projects. This advantage strengthens the trust and reputation of the company and potentially secures future orders.

7. time management

Effective site management ensures the punctual completion of project phases and supports adherence to schedules.

8. quality control

Project coordination enables the monitoring and control of construction quality to ensure that all work meets the defined standards and specifications.

9. safety

Site management involves implementing safety protocols to ensure the health and safety of workers and involved parties.

Installations according to SCC** and SCP safety guidelines

HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environment) is an important part of our company philosophy. The goal of our health, safety, and environmental management is to continually reduce risks. Appropriate rules and careful documentation ensure the highest level of safety for people, facilities, and the environment. Our TÜV certifications are part of our HSSE strategy. Providing assurance of the quality of our assembly and ensuring peace of mind for both you and your customers.

The unrestricted SCC** (Safety Certificate Contractors)

Certification (for companies with more than 35 employees) ensures occupational safety, health and environmental protection.

The SCP (Safety Certificate Personnel Service Providers)

certification guarantees that Montron’s personnel are selected in a reliable and safety-oriented manner and are appropriately qualified.

Why Montron is the best point of contact:

  • Experience in large-scale projects: We have already successfully coordinated and managed several major projects. This extensive experience underlines our ability to organize and implement complex projects effectively.
  • Expertise in renewable energies: We have expertise in the field of renewable energies and are therefore very familiar with the specific requirements and challenges of such projects.
  • Complete approach: Our overall approach includes not only project coordination, but also our expertise in installation, maintenance and service of renewable energy systems. In this way, we ensure seamless coordination between different aspects.
  • Qualified teams: Our teams are made up of qualified professionals, including project managers, engineers and technicians, who have the expertise required for successful project coordination.
  • Effective communication: We attach great importance to clear and effective communication, both internally and with our customers and partners. This allows for smooth coordination and minimization of misunderstandings.
  • On-time delivery: Our experience in site management enables us to complete projects on time and meet schedules.
  • Quality focus: Montron GmbH places great emphasis on quality assurance and control throughout the entire project process to ensure that the results meet the highest standards.

Overall, our extensive experience, expertise in renewable energy and proven success in project coordination makes Montron GmbH the best point of contact for efficient site management and successful implementation of large-scale projects.

David Messner

Head of International Industrial Assembly & Project Logistics

☏ +43 664 884 305 55