Hall construction

Hall construction for manufacturers and resellers

Montron is your hall builder

Hall construction refers to the construction of buildings used as halls or warehouses. These buildings are often used for the storage of materials, machinery or other goods that need to be protected from the weather and other environmental influences.

Hall structures can be made of a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, wood or concrete. The design and construction must be carefully planned to ensure that the building meets the requirements, e.g. in terms of load-bearing capacity, fire protection and access.

Montron helps you with the preparation to guarantee a smooth process. No matter what kind of hall – production halls, warehouses, exhibition halls, industrial halls, machine halls, steel halls, trussed halls, air-conditioned halls – we assemble your hall at your customer’s site.

The combination of precise preparation and our experienced assembly teams are the main factors that guarantee professional assembly of halls.
We optimize the assembly effort by using and coordinating the right lifting aids such as cranes, forklifts, working platforms. Montron has a modern fleet of assembly trucks. With our own crane trucks and lifting platforms, your hall construction can be implemented easily and very flexibly in terms of time. With our assembly team, every move is perfect during the construction of your hall.

Halls ranging in size from small 50sqm machine shops to 11,000sqm logistics halls for multinational corporations

Not only in the popularly understood industry, but also in agriculture, the construction of halls is an unthinkable task.

  • Salvage and machine halls
  • Warehouses
  • Wood chip storage
  • Riding halls


Together with our partners, we can carry out the entire assembly of hall construction projects throughout Europe.

Advantages provided by Montron GmbH:

  • Optimized and short project lead time through efficient coordination of the various trades
  • Rapid response capabilities due to our regional presence
  • Direct contact with the manufacturer of the hall construction components allows us to efficiently coordinate the entire project
  • Short decision-making processes through a single point of contact


hall construction in agriculture

Continuously trained technicians

Project engineers for planning and logistics

Days a year since 1994

neutral assembly vehicles

Project procedure for hall construction

That is why we have competent skilled workers and project managers who will be happy to perform any or all of the following tasks for you:

  • Preliminary discussion and planning
  • Advice for the ideal implementation of the assembly
  • Clarification of the preliminary work with the manufacturer
  • Site visits
  • Safety equipment of the construction site
  • Logistics planning incl. Collection of goods
  • Implementation and organization of ancillary work
  • Disassembly and assembly
  • Hall construction – documentation
  • Handover to the customer

Installations according to SCC** and SCP safety guidelines

HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environment) is an important part of our company philosophy. The goal of our health, safety, and environmental management is to continually reduce risks. Appropriate rules and careful documentation ensure the highest level of safety for people, facilities, and the environment. Our TÜV certifications are part of our HSSE strategy. Ensuring the quality and safety of our installations for you and your customers.

The unrestricted SCC** (Safety Certificate Contractors)

Certification (for companies with more than 35 employees) ensures occupational safety, health and environmental protection.

The SCP (Safety Certificate Personnel Service Providers)

certification guarantees that Montron’s personnel are selected in a reliable and safety-oriented manner and are appropriately qualified.

An all-round service package for the assembly of your dream hall

When our engineers take over the complete handling of your project, you will enjoy a comprehensive service package – you have a single point of contact for your concerns, and we take care of everything else at Montron!
We are pleased to offer you fixed-price packages for our installation services. Alternatively, we can invoice on an hourly basis – always tailored to our customers and projects.

David Messner

Head of International Industrial Assembly & Project Logistics

✉ messner@montron.at
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