Fire Protection Assemblies

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Fire doors and firewalls play a critical role in safeguarding lives, preserving property, and mitigating the spread of fires. Therefore, the installation and assembly of these safety components should be entrusted to a reputable and experienced company.


Fire Protection Elements

  • Fire doors
  • Light bands with smoke extraction
  • Fire partitioning
  • Wiring


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Installation instructions for fire protection elements

Installation by Qualified Specialists

Our reliable partners have the necessary training and fire protection certificates to ensure professional installation that meets the highest safety standards.

Standards and Regulations

Our services guarantee that the installation is conducted in accordance with relevant national and international standards and regulations. We work closely with established cooperation partners who have extensive experience in implementing these standards

Optimal Product Selection

We use our expertise to help you select fire protection elements that meet the required fire resistance classes. Our long-standing cooperation partners in the field of fire protection products offer a wide range of classified products that meet your requirements.

Adaptation to Construction Site Conditions

We take into account the specific conditions of your construction site, such as wall and ceiling characteristics. Our specialists adapt the installation methods accordingly.

Precise Opening Preparation

Careful preparation of openings for doors or fire barriers is crucial. Our specialists ensure the precise installation of all elements, taking into account dimensions, evenness and cleanliness. Thanks to our long-standing partnerships in the construction industry, we can ensure the highest precision and quality.

Montron complies with all safety regulations

We guarantee compliance with all regulations. Montron has been in the market since 1994 – we work sustainably and meticulously! The safety of our installers is also of great importance to us. They receive comprehensive training for work at great heights. We are SCC** and SCP certified, and compliance with the guidelines is regularly audited by TÜV

Professional Waterproofing

Our partners use approved sealing materials and techniques to ensure smooth integration of the fire protection elements with the surrounding building materials. The focus here is on the integrity of the fire barrier. We rely on long-standing partnerships with recognized specialists in sealing technology.

Secure Fastening

The fastening method is selected according to the element construction and the nature of the substrate. We guarantee secure and stable fastening of the fire protection elements through our proven cooperation with experienced specialists in the field of fastening technology.

Special Penetrations

We use special fire protection materials when feeding cables or pipes through fire barriers. This ensures the fire resistance and integrity of the barrier.

Professional Coatings

If necessary, our specialists apply fire protection coatings in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Your training in the application of these coatings is based on our many years of partnership with recognized coating specialists.

Comprehensive Documentation

As part of our services, we create comprehensive documentation, including technical drawings, installation instructions, certificates and test reports. These are crucial not only for acceptance, but also for future maintenance and inspections.

Maintenance and Inspection

Regular maintenance and inspection of your fire protection elements is crucial for their proper functioning. Our experts check seals, fastenings and the integrity of the elements.

Trained Staff:

Our trained staff provides professional maintenance and inspection of your fire protection elements. This allows potential problems to be identified and rectified at an early stage.

Coordination of Trades

The installation of fire protection elements requires the cooperation of various trades. Our experts coordinate and communicate closely with electricians, carpenters and civil engineers to ensure precise installation.

This complex process requires the utmost care and expertise. By consistently adhering to these principles, we minimize safety risks and ensure the effectiveness of fire protection measures.

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Head of International Industrial Assembly & Project Logistics

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