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Lighted Signage, Tension Foils & LED Technology

Lighted signage utilizes light as a means to convey your advertising message. This can be done through illuminated signs, lighted lettering, or other lighting installations. Lighted signage is a very eye-catching form of advertising and can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas. Whether you need a single lighted signage installation or a series of illuminated advertising displays depends on your needs. But one thing is clear: from the vast array of materials, techniques, and installation solutions, we at Montron always find a way to showcase your brand in the best light.

Lighted signage manufacturers continuously introduce new innovations to the market. At Montron, we strive to continuously develop our installation techniques to offer our customers the appropriate solutions. We are happy to handle the entire installation project, from transportation to obtaining permits, intermediate storage, installation, and documentation. You get everything from us in one place! Naturally, we have the necessary vehicles and equipment, such as cranes, lift platforms, and more.


Daily installations by Montron GmbH:

  • Facade advertising
  • Acrylic lights
  • Pylons
  • Columns and lightboxes
  • Insert signs
  • LED retrofitting
  • LED conversion

For over 20 years, we have been the installation partner of KLW – Kahmann Frilla Lichtwerbung and Maierhofer GmbH Linz.

Montron works with clean, neutral, and well-equipped installation vehicles on behalf of its clients. Upon request, we offer fixed-price or cost-based billing – whichever you prefer.


Installation partner for renowned Austrian lighted signage manufacturers

Montron’s customers include almost all renowned Austrian lighted signage manufacturers, as well as many manufacturers from the EU area. We are also delighted to work with numerous small businesses who have chosen us as their installation partner.
Our customers are located throughout Europe. With our headquarters in Vienna and our branch office in Tyrol, we are also close to you.
When it comes to prices, we tailor them to your preferences. We can provide you with a fixed-price quote or offer hourly rates for your installation project.


Over the years, Montron GmbH has specialized in a wide range of lighted signage technology.

Based on our extensive experience, we can offer the following services to both lighted signage manufacturers:

  • Consultation on installation and creation of installation processes
  • Planning and visualization of assembly and disassembly concepts
  • Rapid response capabilities due to our regional presence
  • Maintenance and service operations
  • Coordination between multiple trades on large construction sites
  • Short decision-making processes through a single point of contact
  • Site visits, inspections, and negotiation of local agreements
  • Organization of permits


light advertising with crane and installers

Continuously trained technicians

Project engineers for planning and logistics

Days a year since 1994

neutral workshop assembly trucks

Types of Lighted Signage

Here is a selection of lighted signage that our locksmiths and electricians assemble and electrically connect:


  • Wall signs
  • Insert signs
  • Neon signs
  • Lightboxes
  • Facade banners
  • Advertising boards
Examples of lighted signage

Professional Installation

The installation and assembly of lighted signage and tension foils is a demanding task: it must not only be precise and clean but also ensure the safety of the surroundings. At Montron, we have perfected our installations in this regard. Nowadays, almost all renowned lighted signage manufacturers are among our customers. After production, we take care of the professional installation of our customers’ lighted signage.

We assemble and service

  • with 42 continuously trained specialized installers for lighted signage (electricians, locksmiths, film laminators, etc.)
  • with 5 project engineers for planning and logistics
  • 365 days a year since 1994
  • in clean, neutral work attire
  • with 17 neutral workshop-mounted trucks (including lift platforms and crane trucks)
  • according to TÜV guidelines SCC** and SCP

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Authorised Signatory | Shareholder

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Kevin Beck

Head of Department – Electrical Assembly

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