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Laminating films refer to a process where the printed material is coated with transparent, matte, glossy, or textured plastic films. These films provide different tactile sensations and visual enhancements while simultaneously protecting the product against abrasion, dirt, moisture, and chemicals. This method is particularly popular for advertising both outdoor and indoor surfaces. One specific type of film is perforated film, which is commonly used for storefront windows. It allows the desired image to be visible from the outside while maintaining an unobstructed view from inside the store.

Film lamination

These films can be used not only for advertising purposes but also for decoration or privacy in the form of frosted films (etched glass films). They can protect all areas from unwanted external visibility without compromising the overall impression of an open and bright architecture.

Another application area is sun protection films, which serve to prevent excessive heating of the room behind them. Especially during the summer, rooms can quickly heat up due to UV radiation. By using a sun protection film on windows, the sun’s rays no longer penetrate the interior of a building. Resulting in cooler rooms.

The properties and processing options of the films vary depending on their specific applications.


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Pylons & masts

Pylons or information columns are freestanding advertising structures that are primarily used at the entrance of a site or in the entrance area of buildings. They serve both as advertising platforms and as directional and wayfinding signs. These pylons can be made from various materials such as aluminum, glass, plastics, and metals. Another distinctive feature is illumination. Illuminating a pylon enhances its advertising effectiveness, particularly during twilight or at night.

Whether illuminated or not, pylons and masts convey information and help customers navigate their surroundings.

With their variable height, they stand out prominently from the surroundings and can be seen from a distance.

The installation of pylons or masts requires a concrete foundation tailored to their size, with larger structures often featuring an embedded anchor basket, as well as a power connection for illuminated advertising elements.


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