About us

Company and Contacts

Ing. Thomas Winkler, MAS

Founder | CEO

✉ winkler@montron.at
☏ +43 664 30 787 35

Ing. Branko Jovetic

Authorised Signatory | Shareholder

✉ office@montron.at
☏ +43 664 183 84 43

Sylvia Schütze, MAS

Commercial Management | Head of Refinery Services

✉ schütze@montron.at
☏ +43 699 113 188 42

Your contacts for the service and project areas

Kevin Beck

Head of Department – Electrical Assembly

✉ beck@montron.at
☏ +43 660 664 35 18

Helmut Leroch

Head of Department – Plant Assembly

✉ leroch@montron.at
☏ +43 699 166 687 66

David Messner

Head of International Industrial Assembly & Project Logistics

✉ messner@montron.at
☏ +43 664 884 305 55

Daniel Vrtaric

Projectmanager - Plant Assembly

✉ vrtaric@montron.at
☏ +43 660 729 01 14

Lisa Fuchs

Project Managment Turnaround & Maintenance | Human Resources

✉ fuchs@montron.at
☏ +43 1 607 22 40

Dagmara Herman

Projectmanager – Light advertising

✉ herman@montron.at
☏ +43 660 731 04 13

Stefan Harant

Backoffice | Projectmanager MOFIX

✉ harant@montron.at
☏ +43 1 607 22 40

Lea Hulic

Controlling | Accounting

✉ hulic@montron.at
☏ +43 1 607 22 40

Ing. Bernhard Rauscher

Head of Security | Projectmanager

✉ rauscher@montron.at
☏ +43 660 709 43 73

Years of professional assembly

highly qualified friendly staff

Days a year full of commitment

Projects implemented

Our story

Currently, we have 114 skilled fitters and over 51 assembly vehicles deployed for our customers.
Our fitters have all received specialized training in electrical, metal, and machinery assembly, with nearly three decades of assembly experience.
We are an Austrian company that has been handling industrial and commercial assemblies since 1994.

Team of assembly company Montron with over 80 employees


Foundation company Establishment of Montron specializing in advertising assembly. The first assemblies we carry out are cast letters that are installed on residential buildings of the Vienna municipality. Additionally, we assemble illuminated and non-illuminated advertising signs in Vienna and the surrounding area.


We are on the road for the first time with 3 assembly teams. The first employees, Helmut, Pedo, and Branko, provide us with strong support.


Conversion of over 50 post offices to the new logo for Maierhofer Lichtwerbung in Linz. The collaboration with the company Maierhofer has been ongoing for 27 years.


All 3 assembly trucks are set on fire in the Gudrunstrasse parking lot by an act of vandalism. All cars burn completely, but within 48 hours, we are able to resume our assembly activities fully using rental vehicles and replacement tools.


Our company relocates from 1100 Vienna to Vösendorf. We leave our small office with 5 parking spaces on Gudrunstrasse and move to Vösendorf, occupying 300m² of office space along with storage and vehicle parking spaces.


Raffinerie Service International department is launched. We receive our first order from Voith Germany in the column assembly sector and provide support for heat exchanger work in Germany.


Assembly of intelligent high shelves begins. For one of our now most important partners, we start installing intelligent high shelves in existing business areas for customers.


Machine transport department is launched. Helmut Leroch starts as a professional for machine relocations in our company. Over the next few years, this department is intended to become an important additional pillar for our company.


We have over 50 employees for the first time.


MoFix, the handyman service for homes and offices, starts its operations in Vienna with the first two vehicles. We are serving private customers for the first time.


Assembly of PV systems begins with KELAG.


We have over 100 employees for the first time.


Carwash Vösendorf is opened.


Professional Installation

Our technicians are exclusively skilled workers (locksmiths, electricians, etc.), many of whom have been with our company for many years. We place great importance on long-term collaborations with both our customers and employees. Continuity brings quality. Friendliness and cleanliness are important to us. Construction sites are always left clean and tidy by us. We work with safety shoes, helmets, fall protection, tested electrical equipment, scaffolding, and lifting tools. The construction sites are approached with modern, neutral, and fully equipped assembly vehicles. (scaffolding, machinery, tools, ladders, assembly materials)

Our company name and logo are not displayed on our workwear or vehicles. Therefore, we can carry out the assembly on your behalf.


We source necessary specialized equipment for your assembly from our partners. We can also take care of any required permits.

TÜV certified

All assemblies are carried out in accordance with current Austrian standards and safety guidelines SCC** and SCP. We comply with all legal regulations. TÜV regularly inspects our assemblies and has certified us in terms of safety. Our three in-house safety specialists (SFA) handle our internal control, bringing extensive experience from international projects.


We look forward to providing you with safety support.

Austria and EU-wide

In general, we work throughout Europe. In addition to our head office in Vienna, our branch in Tyrol allows us to cover all of Austria with short travel times.


We work across Europe in refinery, gas station, and facility services.

We specialize in industrial and plant assembly.