Industrial assembly experts Franz and Koray demonstrated their exceptional expertise by supporting the overhaul work at a sawmill in Kärnten, Austria for a period of two weeks. These two professionals, who are already known as a well-rehearsed team, have not only secured their fourth assignment at this plant, but have also made a significant contribution to the efficiency and performance of the systems in the wood processing industr


Continuous excellence in industrial assembly

Franz and Koray have been indispensable members of our industrial assembly team for many years. Their skills in mechanical assembly, metalworking and welding have led to the success of numerous projects and ensured the satisfaction of our customers. The current assignment at a renowned sawmill in Kärnten is another example of the professionalism and dedication to their work.

A look at the wood processing facilities

During their current assignment, Franz and Koray have carried out a variety of tasks in connection with the wood processing plants. From classic locksmith work to complex welding work, their skills were required to keep the systems at a high performance level. Although we cannot name the sawmill due to contractual agreements, we can still look at some of the common plants we worked on in the wood processing industry:

Sawing machines: The sawing machines are the heart of every sawmill. They cut large tree trunks into precise boards and beams, which can then be used for various purposes. Franz and Koray ensured that these machines functioned smoothly and operated at the highest quality level.

Conveyor systems: Efficient conveyor systems are of crucial importance in the wood processing industry. They transport the cut pieces of wood from one station to the next. Our experts have ensured that these systems works safely and efficiently.

Woodworking machines: Woodworking machines include planers, milling machines and other specialized equipment that shape wood into different forms and sizes. Franz’s precise metalwork and Koray’s skillful welding helped these machines to perform their tasks with precision.

Industrial assembly team supports overhauls

Why is overhaul work in sawmills important for Austria as a business location?

  1. Safety: Inspection work ensures the safety of employees and machines, which minimizes accidents and downtime.
  2. Efficiency: Well-maintained systems work more efficiently, increase production and reduce operating costs.
  3. Environmental protection: revision work minimizes emissions and promotes sustainable wood processing.
  4. Export: High-quality production strengthens the international reputation of Austrian wood products.
  5. Jobs: The industry creates jobs, and overhaul work can create employment opportunities in maintenance and repair.

Overall, overhauls in sawmills help to improve the efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness of the industry and strengthen its competitiveness on the global market. This has a positive impact on the Austrian economy in terms of employment, exports and the sustainable use of resources.

Long-term partnership for optimal performance

The fourth assignment of Franz and Koray in this sawmill shows the repeated recognition of their skills and the stable partnership between our industrial assembly and the wood processing industry. Our long-standing collaboration enables us to understand the specific requirements and expectations of the industry and adapt our services accordingly.


Franz and Koray’s current assignment at a leading sawmill in Kärnten, Austria illustrates their technical expertise and dedication to maintaining the performance of wood processing equipment. Their locksmith and welding work is invaluable for the efficiency and quality of production processes. We look forward to further strengthening our partnership with the wood processing industry and continuing to provide first-class services in the future.


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