The installation of floodlighting systems plays a particularly important role in the sports sector, as these are specially developed lighting systems to effectively illuminate sports fields, stadiums, arenas and other outdoor areas. Sports facility lighting is, among other things, a prerequisite for maintaining match operations during the winter months and in the evening hours. They typically consist of high masts on which powerful lighting units are mounted. They provide uniform and intense lighting that allows players to see the pitch clearly, offers spectators a pleasant viewing experience and ensures safety during the event.

Installation of floodlighting system


Installation of floodlighting in Hollabrunn

In Hollabrunn, a charming town with a lively sports culture, our Montron GmbH team successfully implemented the installation of the floodlight system at the local sports field. The project involved replacing the lighting on four different and impressive 40-meter high masts, for which a 43-meter high riser was used. The entire electrical system of the masts was upgraded to the latest state of the art to ensure safe and efficient operation.


  1. Safety:
    The good visibility ensures the safety of players and spectators, reduces the risk of injury and makes the referees’ work easier.
  2. Attractive events:
    The lighting creates an impressive atmosphere, attracts spectators and promotes the staging of tournaments and competitions.
  3. Economic benefits:
    Evening events bring additional customer traffic to the area, which benefits local businesses.
  4. Professional atmosphere:
    The lighting gives the sports field a professional appearance and can help to promote interest in sport.
  5. Possibility for evening events: In addition to sports, sports fields can also be used for evening events such as concerts or community activities.

Optimal illumination and low light pollution

One of the outstanding features of this modernized floodlight system are the 26 Smart Arena spotlights per mast, which ensure optimum illumination of the pitch without any major light pollution. The installation of the floodlights had to be adjusted due to poor weather conditions. During the dismantling of the old spotlights, all fixing screws had to be cut, as accessibility was not given and the screws had been painted over several times in the past.

Overall, taking weather conditions into account when installing floodlighting systems is crucial to ensure a safe, efficient and long-lasting lighting solution. The wind conditions play a decisive role when moving a 43-meter-high access platform, as an aerial work platform at this height is susceptible to wind forces that can affect its stability. Strong winds can be dangerous during installation and have a negative impact on the installation time. Precise adjustment of the Smart Arena spotlights is essential, which is made more difficult by wind and rain and can result in the desired lighting efficiency not being achieved. For these reasons, we had to interrupt the installation for a short period to ensure the safety of the fitters and the efficiency of the system. The installation of the floodlight system was completed with the full commitment of the fitters on Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. – in time for the kick-off of the game between Hollabrunn ATSV and Grabern at 4:30 p.m. – and thus also put into operation immediately. We assume that the 250 lux lighting contributed a little to the 6:2 home win.

26 Smart Arena spotlights during the installation of the floodlight system


The installation of the floodlight system in Hollabrunn is not only an example of technical innovation, but also of the importance of modernizing sports infrastructure. This ensures that matches and events can take place at night at the highest level, both for the players and the spectators. The implementation of the facility will serve as an inspiration to highlight how modern technology and sustainability can be harmonized to shape the future of sport. We are pleased to have realized the installation of the floodlight system with our partners from Preworks, store and more and the ATSV Hollabrunn, municipality of Hollabrunn.


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