Die Breakbulk 2023, an internationally renowned trade fair for project logistics companies, brought together more than 600 companies from over 120 countries this year. Among the many participants were Thomas Winkler, Managing Director of Montron GmbH, and David Messner, Head of International Industrial Assembly & Project Logistics. Their aim was to find new business partners and gain a comprehensive insight into the industry. In this blog post, we take a look at their experiences during the trade fair.

Thomas on the Breakbulk

A glimpse into the past

The Breakbulk Conference and Exhibition has established itself as the leading platform for the breakbulk industry in recent years. It offers a unique opportunity for people from a wide range of sectors to network, share best practices and discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in the industry. Past events have shown that Breakbulk in Rotterdam is the ideal place to find new business partners and expand your expertise.

Highlights of Breakbulk 2023

The opening ceremony took place at 5 p.m. Thomas Winkler and David Messner took the opportunity to take a tour and visit various partner companies of the EPN (Exclusive Project Network). Afterwards, a cozy dinner was organized with partners from the GIRN (Global Industrial Relocation Network). They exchanged views with Jürgen Weihhausen, CEO and founder of GIRN, Marcello Danieli, Managing Director of Harder Logistics, and representatives of Liburnia from Croatia The discussions revolved around past and upcoming projects, and promising new business relationships were forged.

The second day of the trade fair was characterized by numerous discussions and a lively exchange with more than 40 companies. Thomas Winkler and David Messner met John Williamson from WITS, among others, with whom they had exciting insights and discussions about the industry. Companies such as DEUFOL, MALIN ABRAN, EDWARDS Moving & Rigging, BIG MOVE, TSCHUDI Ship Management and DR.Shrink+ from the USA were among the interesting discussion partners. The meeting with Logimar, a partner company from Italy, represented by Marcello Sarponaro, the company’s Managing Director, was also particularly pleasing.

The evening ended with an event organized by MSC in a relaxed atmosphere directly in Rotterdam together with our partner company from Italy by Marcello Sarponaro (Managing Director of Logimar)



Breakbulk 2023 was a complete success for all of us. The trade fair provided an excellent platform for making valuable contacts, finding out about the latest developments in project logistics and strengthening business relationships at an international level. Participation in events such as Breakbulk enables companies to present themselves on the global market and benefit from the experience and knowledge of other industry experts. Thomas Winkler and David Messner returned to Vösendorf with new ideas, inspiring contacts and a strengthened network and are already looking forward to the upcoming projects that will result from their participation in Breakbulk 2023.


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