From the newspaper Heute, dated September 13, 2018


A tribute to all women’s names: Today, Thursday, the “Mauerschau” (Wall Show) of the “Stadtschrift” association with ten historical façade inscriptions will be opened at Mollardgasse 8.

Birgit Ecker and Roland Hörmann from the “Stadtschrift” association have been dedicated to preserving historical façade inscriptions since 2012 and want to make them visible again to everyone. “We consider these inscriptions as cultural heritage that should not disappear from the view of city dwellers. So we had the idea of exhibiting the writings again on free spaces in the public domain,” explain Ecker and Hörmann.

A wall filled exclusively with women’s names

For years, Ecker and Hörmann have pursued the idea of filling a wall exclusively with the first names of female business owners, which they also focused on in their collection. They managed to gather ten inscriptions. The two initiators also searched for a new location for their unique pieces and found it at Mollardgasse and Hofmühlgasse (Mariahilf). Through crowdfunding, they raised € 12,105, which financed the second “Mauerschau”.

Passersby can now admire the ten unlit historical façade inscriptions with the female names Mona, Gitti, Urania, Lisa, Yasmine, Thalia, Lieselott, Petra, Mariandl, and Gabriela for the next ten years.

The installation was completed in 1 ½ days! Thanks to the lead installer Marko Babic and our employees for their top-notch work!